Introducing the guide to being a straight ally…Third Edition!
If you’re a PFLAGer reading this, you’re likely to be one of the people who have purchased (or downloaded…or both!) one of the more than 100,000 copies of the Straight for Equality project’s signature publication, the guide to being a straight ally.
Originally published in 2007 to correspond with the launch of Straight for Equality, the publication aims to set the groundwork for who allies are and explain how to navigate the ally “coming out” process. Designed to help invite, educate, and engage allies--in this case, people who often fit into the “I have a friend” category of those who are not typically connected to the LGBT community via a family member--the book has been used for chapter programs, workplace education, in schools, and more.
However, until now, the book hadn’t received an update since 2012. And while the content was strong, changes in perceptions about LGBT equality and what allyship means meant the book was up for a major overhaul. And now it’s here and available to you.
“We spent more time talking about who allies are and discussing the ally journey,” said Jean-Marie Navetta, the Straight for Equality project lead. “And as more and more people say that they see themselves to be allies, we needed ways to help them understand that saying it is only step one. Our goal is to develop active allies who are ready to participate in the hard work we still have in front of us.”
And the new version of the publication does just that. In addition to updated resources and references, readers will find brand-new content on who allies are, the ally journey, navigating conflict for allies, additional personal stories, and much more.
Accessing the book is simple: Visit to get started In this area, you’ll find an intro to Straight for Equality for PFLAG chapters as well as a link to PFLAG materials, including a free download of the new book, all other Straight for Equality guides, and access to PFLAG chapter guides to help you develop programs in your community using the materials. You can also purchase copies of the new book through the PFLAG Bookstore.
And remember, if you’re looking to develop a Straight for Equality program in your community, contact Jamie Henkel, Equality & Diversity Partnerships Manager, right away. She can assist in providing guidance, feedback, and support for your efforts. She can be reached at