Join us for a two-part series on facilitation skills for PFLAG chapter leaders. In part one, we'll examine the core skills that leaders need to ensure that support groups -- one of the most honored PFLAG functions -- aren't just running smoothly, but being led in ways that truly serve participants.

Facilitation Skills for PFLAG Leaders: Going from Good to Great! from PFLAG National on Vimeo.

In this session you’ll:

  • Review PFLAG support group guidelines and best practices for support meetings
  • Interact with the PFLAG field team and chapter leaders from all over the country to discuss best practices and learn from their experiences in group facilitation
  • Examine five core skills of great PFLAG facilitators
  • Get access to resources from PFLAG National to help your support group go from good to great 

We’ll also share more details about the advanced facilitation skills session that will be offered as part two to this series!