A Note From Marsha to Her Son, Stefen

Marsha Aizumi with Stefen,
her straight ally son



A Year of A Note To My Kid

If you follow PFLAG National on Facebook and Twitter, than #ANTMKTuesday probably looks familiar to you. If not, you probably know this great project better as...

“Mom, I’m Gay” — A Mother and Son Explore the “Journey” Together

This is a really wonderful and moving post, and we're grateful to its co-authors, Debby Shulman (www.debbyshulman.com)...


A note to my son...from mom

Mother and Son
by Niky Never

This is a...


A Letter to Jacob From His Mom, Mimi

This is an extraordinary and powerful letter, that we are so grateful to its author to be able share with you today. It was originally posted here, at medium.com.

Thank you, Mimi, for sharing your story--and your letter to...