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PFLAG Academy Online brings free, monthly, PFLAG members-only learning sessions right to your computer screen. Benefit from PFLAG’s diverse learning options, informed staff, great guests, and input from other participants...all without leaving home. All you need is a computer (or mobile device) and the drive to move equality forward.

What Would You Do?: Tips and Tools for PFLAGers and Allies in Tough Situations

In trying times visible, vocal, and active allyship is more significant than ever. PFLAG parents and allies, in communities nationwide, have the power to encourage LGBTQ inclusion and to...

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Learning the Skills to Pay the Bills: A PFLAG Chapter Treasurer Primer

Being a PFLAG chapter treasurer is about paying the bills…and so much more! Board treasurers are so critical to establishing a strong board and PFLAG chapter. In this session, you’ll...

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Advanced Facilitation Skills: Responding to Support Group Challenges

Join us for part two of our two-part series on facilitation skills for PFLAG chapter leaders. (Check out part one here!)

Using common scenarios to demonstrate challenges that many...

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Training Toolkit: Facilitation Skills 201 - Responding to Support Group Challenges

Thanks for participating in PFLAG National’s  Facilitation Skills 201 - Responding to Support Group Challenges. One of our key goals is to help you take the information that you learned...

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Facilitation Skills for PFLAG Leaders: Going from Good to Great!

Join us for a two-part series on facilitation skills for PFLAG chapter leaders. In part one, we'll examine the core skills that leaders need to ensure that support groups --...

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