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PFLAG Academy Online brings free, monthly, PFLAG members-only learning sessions right to your computer screen. Benefit from PFLAG’s diverse learning options, informed staff, great guests, and input from other participants...all without leaving home. All you need is a computer (or mobile device) and the drive to move equality forward.

But I'm Not a Racist! Reframing Diversity Efforts in PFLAG Chapters

PFLAG members frequently ask themselves how they can better serve people in communities of color. Many have tried advertising in community newspapers or translating materials, but find that few people...

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Straight for Equality: So You Think You Can Ally?

When it comes to allies, how do you motivate someone with no (apparent) connection to equality issues? What kinds of programs can PFLAG chapters do to interest these next-gen allies?...

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Straight for Equality: Becoming a Trans Ally 101

The inclusion of people who are transgender has been a long-term commitment for PFLAGers. And we’re proud to announce the release of a new publication that will help you and...

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Creating Thriving Chapters: How to Attract, Develop and Retain Members

PFLAG chapters that thrive have some common characteristics and this session is an amazing opportunity to share those with you. Join us to learn more about how the most successful...

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Cultivating Respect: Working with Stakeholders for Safer Schools

Having a tough time getting your foot in the door at schools in your community? This session is a great way to start developing a strategy to open the door...

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