In 2017 active and visible allyship is going to be more significant than ever and as PFLAGers it is important to model the behavior we hope to see in others. But sometimes even the most dedicated ally can run in to situations where they’re not sure how to react or whether a reaction is even warranted. Straight for Equality is here to help.

In this new session for 2017, you’ll:

  • Identify some guidelines and great practices for allies who want to be visible, vocal, and active in their communities and show support for their LGBTQ loved ones
  • What would you do? 
    Participate in a highly interactive discussion putting what you’ve learned to work by discussing how you’d navigate some common (but tough) scenarios allies face. 
    We’ll give the situation, you’ll give the advice!
  • Get access to Straight for Equality resources and learn about what’s to come in 2017!